our key ingredients are categorized into 3 major categories

that define the Wellness Wellness Without Limits® approach to optimal fitness: to energize, circulate and detoxify the body, while delivering targeted nutrition to where it’s needed, when it’s needed. Then let the body do the rest.

extra energy

Supports function, repair and regeneration


Supports circulation and detoxification at a cellular level


Nourishes and protects the cell for function and repair

Wellness Without Limits® offers an exclusive edge in health through synergistically combining these natural therapies, each therapy as a stand alone has been shown to enhance cellular capacities, but when combined simultaneously, the unification of these therapies has a far greater effect.

extra energy

Supporting Function, Repair & Regeneration
Without Energy we don’t have life. The power house of every cell in the body is the mitochondria. It produces ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) the body’s currency for energy.
Physiologically speaking, there are two natural therapies that can provide the body with a significant rise in ATP: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Low Level Light therapy. Both of these therapies have been shown to physiologically provide a high level of ATP for the body.
low-level light therapy
Focused energy shown to benefit localized tissue healing & repair by helping to:
  • +Reduce pain & inflammation
  • +Increase blood flow & circulation
  • +Promote wound healing tissue healing and repair
hyperbaric oxygen therapy
Shown to promote wound tissue healing by:
  • +Helping with the creation of new blood vessels and blood flow to damaged areas of the body
  • +Helping with the formation of new tissue and collagen

Increase the amount of ATP generation within your body and let the body use this energy to do what it knows how to do best… Support your body’s ability to function, repair, and regenerate.


Support Circulation & Detoxification at a Cellular Level
Heat regulates many physiological reactions in the body, including the immune system and metabolism, while having a profound effect on your circulatory system and detoxification pathways inside our body.
With respect to heat, there are two recognized therapies that have been shown to support the body’s natural ability to circulate and detoxify naturally.
far-infrared sweat therapy

Reported benefits include:

  • +Powerful prolonged sweat
  • +Detoxify harmful chemicals
  • +Cardiovascular conditioning for heart & blood vessel support
  • +Pain & Arthritis
  • +Depression & mood elevation
  • +Relaxation
  • +Sleep & insomnia
  • +Burns approximately 1000 calories a session
peat hyperthermia therapy

Reported benefits include:

  • +A powerful circulatory stimulant
  • +Mobilizes deep fat & chemicals stored in your body for excreation
  • +Induces fever to allow significant bone marrow production supporting the immune system
  • +Increase metabolic rate
  • +Hormonal balancing effect
  • +Increase libido
  • +Pain & inflammation

By improving the circulatory and detoxification pathways, we can empower the body’s ability to function, repair and regenerate at the optimum level.

targeted nutrition

Nourishes / Protects the Cells for Function & Repair
The importance of proper nutrition is well documented for optimal cellular functioning With our growing awareness and understanding of nutritional medicine, we now realize how different organs and their cells can benefit from extra nutritional support based on their function and the proteins and enzymes that they utilize.
The goal of our targeted approach to nutrition is to ensures the maximum absorption of whole plant, fruit and vegetables to where they are needed, when they are needed in the body.

Give the body the vital nutrients it needs to protect itself with optimal function every day. Help your cells to help you.

it’s all about timing

Wellness Without Limits’ approach is to energize the body, then circulate and detoxify the body, and focus targeted nutrition to where you want to have your body focus. Then, let the body do the rest.
As Wellness Without Limits works on helping to improve the physiological state of the body, the timing is right for those in need of healthcare support to incorporate healthcare disciplines, from nutritional therapy, massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, cardiology, psychology, naturopathy, etc. These healthcare providers or specialists can support you with their knowledge and skills, giving an even greater synergistic health benefit for YOU.