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naked mud™ peat detox baths


Powerful home therapy for muscle, aches, pain and strains. Natures pharmacy from deep sedimentation formed over many thousands of years, The peat hyperthermia mud bath is full of rare earth minerals, vitamins and natural sulfur with pain killers, muscle relaxants and anti inflammatory all in natural form.
Voted the Worlds Best Peat
Sourced from a secure region of Canada, represents the environment at the time of formation, unpolluted, uncontaminated put in the tub and allow for the beneficial effects.

gentle heatwave™ sauna


“Represents a huge step forward for health and wellbeing at home” (Dr Ratansi ND) Exclusive 2 person Far Infrared Sauna, no glues, no chemicals, low emfs, high quality grade A cedar, fits elegantly in a 4 ft by 4ft space with no ventilation needed, state of the art digital control panel for time, temperature, music and lights with a lifetime warranty. Delivering therapeutic heat for improved circulation, lower blood pressure, weight loss while soothing aches and pains and sweating chemicals and toxins out of the body. Relax and get your body working.

modern life has led to a change in our lifestyle

A lack of time, low physical activity and mental stress added to a disbalanced diet and the accumulation of man-made toxic chemicals in the body are having a direct impact on our health, fitness and the aging process, especially when it continues day after day.

Having access to a regular therapy in the comfort of your own home will have a positive impact on your health and well-being.

modern life has led to a change in our lifestyle

Since 1998 we have been working with companies dedicated to testing and developing the highest quality leading edge health products and equipment from around the world.

From GMO free 100% natural plant based ingredients grown in the heart of the French Riviera to Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers manufactured to our rigorous standards of safety in New York. Our product range is used by over 2 million people in over 50 countries and used successfully for Health at Home and by health professionals worldwide.

Replicating the best in nature through technology we have taken each of these carefully chosen products and combined them in such a way so as to deliver unique and powerful back to health, fitness and beauty programs.

quality assurance

Since ancient times, men and women have looked for the each of our products use the latest advancements in technology and have gone through rigorous testing to the highest standards of performance and durability to earn our 10 year mark of accreditation and quality.